When it comes to owning a business, its location is almost as important as the product or service you sell. You need to find a commercial space that is convenient for both you and your target market. Although there are many available commercial properties in Kelowna, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your business. In such cases, let Carlo Giusto *PREC help you and make things easier.

As one of the leading commercial real estate websites in the area, Kelowna Business is proud to be your go-to online source for all things commercial real estate. Whether you are looking to cash in on your commercial property investment or looking to acquire several businesses for sale in Kelowna to diversify your portfolio, Carlo Giusto *PREC is more than happy to help you in any way he can:


Purchasing commercial real estate or businesses is a very large financial commitment. As such, it’s only natural that you want to find the “perfect” opportunity.

Carlo Giusto *PREC has extensive years of experience under his belt, allowing him to provide you with the support and advice you need in your search for the “perfect” property or business. From drafting shortlists and conducting market research to negotiating the asking price and closing the sale, he does everything he can to make every transaction you make a profitable one.


Selling your property on your own is no easy task. It takes more than simply posting a “For Sale” sign on your property’s window. You need a comprehensive marketing plan to boost your chances of selling your property or business at a profit. This is where he comes in.

Carlo Giusto *PREC can easily evaluate, market, and negotiate the sale of your commercial property or business for you. He takes the time to list down everything that makes your property great and use those as the main selling points of your marketing plan. He then creates a listing for your property both on our website and on the MLS, significantly improving the exposure of your property and connecting you with hundreds of interested buyers.


Whether you are planning to purchase or sell commercial real estate, Carlo Giusto's *PREC goal is to make the entire process a simple and hassle-free experience for you.

If you have any questions about the services he offers, do not hesitate to call him at 250-801-2129. You may also send him a message by filling out the form found at the bottom of your screen. He looks forward to helping you find your dream property in Kelowna.

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